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Hervey Bay-16

Hey I’m writing this on the 17 day, the 23 of June but I will tell you about yesterday. Yesterday was a good day it started at 8, as part of the working for accommodation we have to do some of the cleaning luckily we only have to work for 3 hours. That bit wasn’t that good as I hovered, I don’t know what it is but hovers just never seem to like me. This hover wasn’t the small and nice light ones or even a happy Henry no… it was like lugging around a big chugging machine from the industrial revolution! It was horrible. Anyway after lunch I decided to go to see the sunset at Urangan Pier, I set of at half one and got there at half 3! I didnt realise how long the walk was, it was lovely. I did stop on the way, I found a part of the beach covered with broken shells that you couldn’t walk in the water, I found little balls of sand making it look like the beach was having its own fireworks display. I found a Rainbow lorikeet acting like a guard at a hole in the middle of a tree, it wasn’t till I got really close it flew off and another one crawled up through the hole and took flight. I peered through the gap one I could see some egg shells, i couldn’t make out if they were broken or not but I thought I should go so the mum could come back. I went on with my walk. I also saw some weird birds like rocker pigeons. I love it here it’s so full of nature and green. The sea was like the different shades of chalk you find when you open the box or displaying in an art shop window. When I reached the pier i found that it was longer than I thought! It went out into the sea, I was walking down and on the barrier separating you from the deepest blue, it did look very deep, were the most beautiful loving memory plaques. Some were inscribed with sayings such as ‘gone fishing’ or ‘together again’ it was so pretty. As I got to the end of the pier it got so windy and cold, I told myself off for only wearing a vest and shorts, I wrapped my sarong around my arms wich gave my a bit of protection from the wind. The pier was covered by fishers young and old women and men, I watched this activity and patience game. I would of just given up but they were so determined to get something they wouldn’t. There was a very smart pelican who just waited, standing on the pier and not flying off when people got to close. I was so confused, why was he there? Was he hurt? No he just couldn’t be bothered to do any work as when the fishermen caught fish wich were to small they feed them to him. The lazy bird but you have to admit he was smart. I stayed there until the sunset, lucky my friend Givonna, the Italian who is my dorm mate, came along so I could drive back instead of walk! I got chatting to this really nice man and we hit it off! It was so nice and I had no idea he was flirting with me until Givonna told me when we were walking back down. I felt so silly and embarrassed but I gave him my number and we have made plans to meet up again! I’m so excited but nervous, it’s the first time I did anything like this but it was a nice little confidence boost. Anyway back to the sunset, it was nice but the clouds got in the way. I’m going go there again and try the sunset again, apparently you can sometimes see dolphins there so I’m definitely going try again. I have booked an eco-boat tour on Monday to go to the Round island, learn about turtles, dolphins and fish. Hopefully I’ll see some and then go snorkelling in a reef! Sounds amazing so excited!  



Harvey bay-day 14

Hi guys, so sorry I got mixed up with the dates yesterday was day 13 (19/06) instead of day 12. Today was great. I tried to find this place wich was a cottage and herb farm, it said that it showed old crafts and it had a famous pink cow! (Tin one not real) but I couldn’t find it. I went to were it looked like it was on the map, when I got to the place I checked on google maps, it was another 3 hour walk in land! It was nearly 11 and I didn’t want to walk when the sun was highest in the sky (11,12,1) instead I walked back on the beach. The sea was out so you could walk across the squidgy sand, I stumbled upon rock pools where there were schools of small fish darting around. There was one fish that looked like a baby puffer fish but I’m not to sure. I also spoke to a guy who was taking up the sand through a metal tube, it looked like a long bicycle pump. He told my that he was finding bait for fishing, I can’t remember the name but it looked like a small wight, see through prawn with a lot of legs ,or they might of been pincers I’m not to sure. I went on with my walk and I saw a group of pelicans, unlike the ones in England there back feathers are black and they have really freaky eyes. If you can zoom in to the photo, you’ll see what I mean! 

 After I got back I decided that if I was going be here for a month, I might as well learn how to sail. The sea isn’t choppy so people don’t surf, but the sea is so carm it would be a good place to learn how to surf. Me and this girl called Hanne when to the local boat club but they were closed. I called and left a voicemail so I’ll see what they reply with but I can look for over places to. After that we found a cheesecake shop! It was amazing so many flavours, you could buy a whole cake, half a cake or a quarter. We got a quarter, caramel flavour, delicious. We have a new person in the dorm volunteering, her name is Lori she’s from Canada and lovely. She arrived around the same time as me and very focused on finding work. We are the only ones in tonight as the other two are in rainbow beach and going to noosa tomorrow, it’s there days off. Me and Lori watched the sunset tonight, it was amazing and clearer than the other nights lighting the whole sky. I think I prefer when there are clouds there because they are dark against the pinkie, red sky. It was still stunning though, my phone just doesn’t capture it.