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Brisbane- day 6

Today started slowly, I almost didn’t leave the house! It was down to Penney who got me of my but and out and about. We took the train up to Brisbane together, instead of getting of at Roma we got out at central station wich was the next stop. When you were out side of central station you could see the building, it was so magnificent. There were parts of the building dedicated to the woman and men who lost their lives in the Second World War. There was one just dedicated to the woman, this is really nice as there were a lot of women but they don’t always get a mention, normally it’s just for the men so it was nice seeing the woman mentioned. First thing I did was I brought some stamps and sent some postcards, I wonder how long they will take I have been told it will probably be a week or two! I then tried to find the way to the botanical gardens, after getting so confused I went up to talk to a nice lady near the bus stop. The lady, Wendy, was so helpful she told me that there is a free public transport that can take you round the city, FREE!!! They are the red busses or ferries, the busses normally leave every half hour and go in a loop of the city. This was great, its a great way to encourage public transportation! Also very handy as it called right outside the botanical gardens, Wendy was so nice and helpful telling me were everything is and what stops to get of at. Enter the botanical gardens, it was amazing it’s still in town but I couldn’t hear any of the town life! There were people jogging up and down, zooming past on Bicycles, chatting on the benches near the lake or under trees, and wondering around like me. One one side of the botanical gardens you had the city but on the other side you had the lake separating it from the other side of the city, there were boats anchored near the park and a little harbour were people could sail up to with smaller boats, it was lovely that this was so near the gardens. It brought a sense of happiness to the park, that even though the bizziness of the city is right over there this is a place of relaxation and that there are green and eco-friendly ways to get around. 

There were loads of different plants and trees, most were more adapted living in different regions but were surviving in Brisbane. As well as trees there where flowers to, I came across a lovely Hibiscus flower patch wich had a nice sundial in the middle of it.

I went in one big loop of the gardens and on the side, the sider closer to the city, there were some ponds. It just felt so serial that there were ponds with some irises and birds around, but you could see the skyscrapers in the reflection and towering over the trees. It was amazing but weird at the same time.

After my loop I decided to go and check out the ferry Service which goes along the Brisbane river, as well as the red buses there are also red ferries which are free! I got on at Eagle St Pier and got of at the second stop Maritime Museum. The ferry was very bissy as I decided to travel when everyone else wanted to go home! After the first stop some people got of so it was less stuffed. At the back of the ferry there was a bit were you could sit outside and watch the city go buy. 

I wish I stayed on the boat longer and watched the sunset, oh well next time! I got of at the museum stop only to find it was closed, silly me it was 4 in the evening! Oh well. I did manage to walk back into Brisbane on the Goodwell bridge back to the botanical gardens and then on the city hopper bus (free buss and ferry service name) back to central station! One big loop! When I got of the bridge I walked on the river path in the gardens, wich was lovely. I have put a picture of my root down below.

My root:

Sorry it’s so badly drawn but it gives a bit more of an idea


First weekend in oz!!! day 4 and 5

Hi guys, sorry I have been away from wifi but let me tell you about my weekend, what a weekend it was! 

On Saturday Penny, Peater and I went on a car journey to Maleny (the people I’m staying with).

Maleny is a small town near the Sunshine Coast and protected by the Glass mountains. On the way up to Maleny we stopped off for a picnic at D’aguiar national park, the national park has a nice green picnic area and a really nice looking children play area. It is also sheltered by the glass house mountains and it was such a clear day, you could see the silhouette of some of the skyscrapers in Brisbane. It was a spectacular view wich, unfortunately didn’t come out that well in a photo.

It also has a massive, lush rainforest! It has loads of different types of tress, birds and the Red legged pademelon lived there. The red legged pademelon are a rainforest wallaby and it is slightly smaller and has a deeper colour of red fur than the ones I saw in the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. They are stated vulnerable in NSW (North South Wales), lucky the national park provides a refuge, helping to protect them. Even though the forest was so dense and big,I was so lucky in seeing four of them! The light was bad as the trees were so tall and blocked the sun I couldn’t take a lot of photos but the ones I did are a bit dinged. We saw one going into a tree, one of the trees that has killed the inside tree, two hopped across the path in front of us and one was eating so close to me in was such a memory to behold it was an arm reach away! I am not kidding! Before it rushed of a baby poked its head out. I promise it’s true, if I was reading this I’ll be thinking ‘ yeah right’ but it actually happened. I will never forget!

Peter told me that the Red legged pademelon, have a favourite tree or bush that they always come back to. A bit like how we have or own houses! 

After this walk we went a bit further and went for a walk above a gully, gorge. The D’aguilar national park was at the bottom of the gully, because of this the flora was so lush and there was a wider range of wet land trees rather than the trees found on the walk wich was up on the bridge of the gully. God that was a hard sentence to write I hope it makes sense! At the end of the walk there was a waterfall, unfortunately it wasn’t that big as it is pretty dry hear! We timed the walk perfectly as we managed to see the sunset! It was gorgeous!

Later on it turned pinky red and the clouds stood out, it was lush.

That is the end of Saturday, now onto Sunday!

After waking up to a gloomy morning, the sun came out around 10:30 and we went of to the beach. It was liquid awesome, it was so hot and then stepping in to the sea was a shock but a good shock. The temperature of the sea was 22 degrees, and the waves were good. I tried to swim but you couldn’t really as the waves were one after one, I don’t really like body boarding whenever I tried in Cornwall it never goes well. After the right teachers and using the right bord I got some really good waves and found out how fun it was! It got really sunny and we had to retreat into the shade but I loved my first time on an australian beach and I even caught some waves dude! We then went for a walk around some of the Sunshine Coast, it was definitely sunny! But so nice and we saw some surfers at work, they flew on the wave only for the sea to win at the end and get them off balance. It was amazing to watch so skilful but delicate, like a dance between the person and sea. 

There was a view point called the boiling pot, this is it

Peter said it was called the boiling pot as when the spray of the wave spits it looks like it’s boiling!

We stayed there till sunset, another great one.

Brisbane day 2

Hey, so today was amazing and I didn’t fall asleep during the day! it started with me catching the train from Sherwood to Roma, wich is a station in Brisbane. I firstly brought my Grayhound bus ticket to Harvey Bay on the 15th! Everyone was so helpful and didn’t mind braking it down to me 🙂 After that I decided to go look around Brisbane, after waking in circles I found the start of the Kurilpa Bridge. 

The bridge is named Kurilpa as it means Kuril’s place in Turrubul/ Dippil language. Kuril dreaming is a love story about the Dilly Bag Girl who made the bags with kangaroo. Kuril was promised to a man in a group traveling to Kureeel near Nembour. When he realised that she wasn’t in the group and missing, he traveled back to the place where the bridge is and found her. I found this to be a really nice story and how before the bridge was made it was already a meeting place. 

Being a i took a lot of photos of the same thing!

It was so nice and sunny, and hot! I’m so glad I wore my dress. There were other people who were walking and chatting with friends or loved ones, ones cycling and even running! Exhausting stuff especially in the morning and the afternoon sun. When the bridge finished I decided to go to the art gallery wich was nearby, I passed a man watering some plants and people on the grass soaking up the sun. I walked up half the mane road before releasing it wasn’t there and turned back, I was walking back to the bridge feeling embarrassed and silly that I couldn’t find the Gallery, looking around as if it was going to suddenly appear out of thin air. The gardener grabbed my attention by remarking how lost I looked I gave a laugh and asked him for directions, now I felt so embarrassed and a tourist as he pointed at the great big building right behind me!

I thought it was some offices! There were three levels, the ground floor had a special exsibit on, it was about marvel. It was a shame that you had to pay to get in, it looked really interesting but I didn’t want to spend money. On the second floor the art was about self image and identity. Some of the stuff was moving and made you think about life in general.

The third floor has a display on the Indigenous Australian and there things. Like a money Mat, 

There was also other exhibits,

I felt so grown up and mature! I was in an art gallery finding it interesting and reading the information, that’s what mum normally does, but I was doing it!

When I finished I decided to walk across the river and exsplore Brisbane, I got totally lost. It was so fun.

That was my day in Brisbane, thanks got reading.

Brisbane day 1

Touch down in Australia last night at 11 something pm, one of my relative ,Peter ,picked me up and took me back to his house, Sherwood. This Sherwood is very green but neither a wood or has a Robin Hood. Today was a very relaxing day Penny, was the mane person around as Peter was working. She’s a very interesting person, she is in the middle of writing a poem book, it’s about how the different elements are related to humanity, for instance water represents thoughts, feelings and moving forward. Jet lag hadn’t yet hit so we were lucky to bask in the morning light, it was wonderful so quiet and relaxing, they have a big patio and a garden and even though they are near to some houses you couldn’t hear them. 

After I got showered, changed etc. I went out to the town, it was so warm and sunny, but people were looking at me in my dress almost saying “aren’t you cold, it’s winter here” I had a successful day out I started a bank account, got a ‘Go card’ and brought a SIM card. Only to find with the SIM card is I can’t activate it as I’m not an Australia Citizen, they did say I could ask someone to phone them up and use they ID and address instead, I’ll do that. After that I had a sausage roll in the park opposite the house,it was lovely and so sunny, don’t worry factor 50 was on! 

The park was bigger than I thought, it said that they were trying to re-grow the Rice grass and protect the wildlife and Biodiversity of the place. There was a huge pond with different birds and of course ducks! I wish I took a picture of the bord, I’ll do/ post that tomorrow. 

It was so nice to be out in greenery and being in the sun was a bonus, after being on airplanes for a hole day it was much needed. Then the tiredness hit me, I went back to the house and slept for 3 hours. It would have been more but Penny woke me and said I wouldn’t sleep tonight if I slept through all of the afternoon! Well that’s all I did today, 

What do you think this is?