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Abbe the Apple 


So I know that my last post I said that I will be going to Cambridge and I am this weekend but first I need to tell you what happened last weekend. Last weekend I took part in an Apple pie competition, My first one and I got the score of 26 which I think makes me third!!!! Anyway I was hand picking apples from my grandparents farm and I realised what would be fun is to make a picture book, this book will be about Abbe the Apple!!! 

First let me introduce Abbe 

Abbe was just a lonely little Appel on a tree, wondering when his life will start. One day he decided to start his life and set of on an adventure. 

So he was pleased that he got picked and promised he was going to be the best and sweetest Appel ever

The first thing Abbe did was by a ticket and go on a train journey 

After his train trip he desided it was time to make a change and choose new clothes.

  He then went swimming with his friend

After swimming he got talked into detox

And felt so much lighter after 

He and his friends then decided to wrap up under cover and then go into the sauna.

When he came out after he was so happy he achieved his journey and came out being sweet and nice just as he promised.

The end

So what do you guys think, please tell me somehow. I know it’s not the best it’s a joke for the lady who helped me out with making the pie.

Next blog Cambridge! Bye