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5K walk

Tonight I am going on a midnight walk on Weston beach. The walk is in aid for Weston Hospice care, it is a 5k walk. I know most people would be like 5k phhhh easy, however on Weston super mare i.e. Weston super mud beach. I am super excited! I’m doing it with my friend Jane can’t wait. Got to go talk more when I’m backxxx I loved it loved it loved it. Me and my friend jane checked in at 10:30 and promised ourselves next time we will be more creative with what we were wearing. There where people with fairy lights all over there body from a purple light up skirt to wings! It was amazing. The walk didn’t start till midnight so they had a band playing then after that Zumba on the beach!!!as a walm up. The weather was so nice and just perfect its like it new not to rain. There was so many people there it was a line of light up flashing bunny rabbit ears and butterfly wings…