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1000 places to see before you die

I have got this book called 1000 places to see before you die  second edition (by Patricia Schultz), and the plan is now I will have to see 1,000 before I die! I will try and blog about all these places.

To start me of I hope to see 1-5 places in the book before this time next year! At the start of the book their is a lovely quote “its better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times.” Asian proverb.

The book is split into continents, then split into countries. As I’m in England I will start there. I want to do the book in order so I’ll try my best!! As I turn to page 3 (which is the start of the Europe section) I find out where I am to visit and that is Cambridge! The book says that Cambridge holds a lot of history and recommends to visit King’s College chapel which is “the most beautiful {chapel} in England” its also “remains the country’s finest example of the late Gothic English style” the Gothic style is called Perpendicular. It also goes on to the River Can, which is the river and either sides are “emerald green lawns”. The book also talks about Fitzwilliam Museum which is one of the oldest art museums in Britain. It specialises and have collection’s around the 17th century Dutch art. 

Two Hotel’s are mentioned in the book Hotel du Vin and Hotel Felix. Hotel du Vin is in town and ” a stylish,modern lodging…in a medieval former university building” and in the town center. Hotel Felix is about a mile out of town it is a”Victorian manse… With sleek contemporary rooms”

Well I’m going book my trip now.