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Sierra Leone new band!

We went for drinks at la boutique at sunset, as we were watching the sun go down below the deep blue see we heard lovely tunes coming from two old geezer’s. 

These ‘ two old geezer’s’ are actually my dad and his mate. They are official a band now, they have a singer. They are a blues band ; they also now the tunes to smoke on the water e.t.c.

La boutique is a beautiful place to have drinks. You can sit back and enjoy watching the sea laps up the sand. It is a wooden bar situated on the Lumley beach stretch in Freetown.

After the sun went down me and some friends went to Lagoonda Complex. Lagoonda is a restaurant near the sea where you can sit on a balcony looking into the sea. Hear they have lobster which is delicious but this trip I had the most mouthwatering  sushi ever. I mean it EVER.