Harvey bay-day 12 

I think I over did it two days ago. I woke up yesterday, a massive headache it was like my brother was trying to learn the drums again but instead of hitting the drums it was my head wich was pounding. It was the sun I overdid it yesterday, sunbathing and walking around town, not drinking anoth. Oh well I learned my lesson, I went to the shops to buy the ingredients for supper but apart from that I took shelter indoors. Reading my book , talking to people, going on the net, applying for jobs , not really doing anything. I cooked Bangers and mash for my dorm mates, they loveed it! I was so happy! Even though the gravy wasn’t gravy ant the mash potatoe was lumpy, they liked it. I’m a really bad cook and coming from an French an Italian who are amazing cooks this made my day. I’m feeling better today I just need a day to shelter from the sun and a really good sleep. I finished my book, into the water by Paula Hawkins, she wrote the Girl on the train and like that book into the water was amazing so clever and well thought out, kept you guessing at every turning point or glimmer of events. I’m on the beach writing this, I have put sunscreen on and have my water bottle don’t worry! I love the beach, it’s a real beach, not like Weston super mare. The water is blue, clear and actually turns up. The sand is soft, like casting sugar but golden. It’s so serial like from a picture book. It’s amazing here and i love it ,I love the beach, the hostel, the staff and people are lovely but there isn’t much to do here. I have only been hear a couple of days so I’m finding walks and stuff I can do but I’m staying here for a month and the stuff will run out, I don’t want to get bored hear but I want to stay here as it’s really nice. We have a lot of time of, yesterday and today were my days off and we only need to work 3 hours. We have nearly all the days free. 


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