Brisbane day 2

Hey, so today was amazing and I didn’t fall asleep during the day! it started with me catching the train from Sherwood to Roma, wich is a station in Brisbane. I firstly brought my Grayhound bus ticket to Harvey Bay on the 15th! Everyone was so helpful and didn’t mind braking it down to me 🙂 After that I decided to go look around Brisbane, after waking in circles I found the start of the Kurilpa Bridge. 

The bridge is named Kurilpa as it means Kuril’s place in Turrubul/ Dippil language. Kuril dreaming is a love story about the Dilly Bag Girl who made the bags with kangaroo. Kuril was promised to a man in a group traveling to Kureeel near Nembour. When he realised that she wasn’t in the group and missing, he traveled back to the place where the bridge is and found her. I found this to be a really nice story and how before the bridge was made it was already a meeting place. 

Being a i took a lot of photos of the same thing!

It was so nice and sunny, and hot! I’m so glad I wore my dress. There were other people who were walking and chatting with friends or loved ones, ones cycling and even running! Exhausting stuff especially in the morning and the afternoon sun. When the bridge finished I decided to go to the art gallery wich was nearby, I passed a man watering some plants and people on the grass soaking up the sun. I walked up half the mane road before releasing it wasn’t there and turned back, I was walking back to the bridge feeling embarrassed and silly that I couldn’t find the Gallery, looking around as if it was going to suddenly appear out of thin air. The gardener grabbed my attention by remarking how lost I looked I gave a laugh and asked him for directions, now I felt so embarrassed and a tourist as he pointed at the great big building right behind me!

I thought it was some offices! There were three levels, the ground floor had a special exsibit on, it was about marvel. It was a shame that you had to pay to get in, it looked really interesting but I didn’t want to spend money. On the second floor the art was about self image and identity. Some of the stuff was moving and made you think about life in general.

The third floor has a display on the Indigenous Australian and there things. Like a money Mat, 

There was also other exhibits,

I felt so grown up and mature! I was in an art gallery finding it interesting and reading the information, that’s what mum normally does, but I was doing it!

When I finished I decided to walk across the river and exsplore Brisbane, I got totally lost. It was so fun.

That was my day in Brisbane, thanks got reading.


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