When we were young 

Evening…. or morning,

I’m not quite sure…I’m still flying to Hong Kong, it’s 3:48 in the morning there but 8:48pm in England. I’m not sure which time I want it to be yet. It’s funny that a thing you find hard, like Writing, can calm you down and make life a bit easier when it’s all put down. I called this blog when we were young, for a really bizarre reason, ready to see how my brain works? Hear we go. I’m on the flight and I’m listening to the Passengers, I don’t normally listen to them but I thought they will be soft background music when trying to fall asleep. I was listening to there song when we were young, brilliant song, but I started thinking back and the times I had when I was young. I remembered a wonderful woman, who I think of every and each day, my granny. Diana Sprent was an amazing person, so kind and full of love. She was always there when you needed a cry, a laugh or a Victoria sponge cake! She lost her fight to cancer several years ago, but she is always hear. I was just sitting there smiling like a fool but silently crying looking at the stars. I just hope she knows and can see me now, and smiling down on all I have done and all I will do. She is in my locket around my neck, it says ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’

I am sorry I have been emotional and if you don’t understand what I have written as it may make no sense or be riddled with spelling mistakes, it’s all right, I hope I haven’t brought confusion.
FAnyway the flight is amazing! I’m in economy but you wouldn’t know, I have lodes of leg room, lodes I can stretch my legs out and not touch the person in front of me! The set is really wide it’s not like other airlines I have been on where you feel like you need to keep your arms tuck in, it’s great. The TV oh the tv, it’s a touch screen, I normally get like ewww lodes of other people have touched this as there are sometimes marks or scratches. But this one doesn’t and it’s so big the bottom glows when you’re hand goes near the screen! Also the pixel display or whatever the official word is is amazing! The picture is so clear it doesn’t turn yellow or anything. 

I have moved on to Fleetwood Mac now, I’ll stop righting now. I just got that felling of needing to write down what I was thinking, I’m going try sleep now xx


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  1. Choi says:

    Writing is both a passion of mine and is also therapy when i need to calm down! So totally agree with you.


    1. bottommango says:

      Thanks its strange but it really helps me when I get in a tissy

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