Monthly Archives: March 2017


Last month I had a week off, a much needed week to relax, get out of the coldness of Weston super mare and take a week off from my uni course. Were better to go for the valentines week than Paris, I stayed there in a gorgeous flat with my family. Rest, lazy days? Ha we were out every day trecking around galleries and the city, the first day we were there we saw as my mum stated ‘a feast for the eyes’. We saw the water Lilies by Monet, see we saw the art round the wrong way, as we saw the impressionist art before the traditional art but I’m glad we did as my head was spinning with art at the end of the trip! The paintings looked so life like and I could almost hear the wind through the trees and smell the flowers. I’m not going to go through everything we did but I will say that we were lucky enough to see a six nation rugby game, Scotland vs France. Now I love rugby but I’m not very good at learning the positions and rules of the game, however it is one of the sports I get engrossed in. The game was fantastic I was on the edge of my seat  throughout the game but the thing that made it better was the people in the crowd, behind us was two (slightly old) French men. These two folks were hilarious, we joked about how appalling the kicker was and ‘what on earth ‘ were the players doing. Rugby is one of the only sports I like and probably the only one I would see, manly because the people, the supporters there are easy to joke around with and don’t seem to get as heated up as others watching different sports. Moving on to the one, the only, the Effil Tower! Sorry I can’t spell. The tower is tall and I don’t know if the whole dropping a penny from the top, would kill someone but I don’t want to try. queueing, even looking up to it made me feel sick and at that point my head deciding to spin around, but you can’t go to Paris and not go up the tower right???! Anyway when walking up it was fine even when we got to the second floor it wasn’t that bad but then we had to get into the lift. Now I’m not scared of heights, well apart from that bit when I was queuing, but I didn’t like the lift my brother was amazing though he told me not to worry and to  look at him. When we got to the top it was worth it, everything the lift, the que, everything, we had went on a nice sunny day and it was spectacular! We drank champagne on the top! I will remember it always and I would love to go again.