Monthly Archives: December 2016



I want to apologise, I’m such a bad blogger last post was in October aghhh. 

Anyway I haven’t been to Cambridge but someday I’m sure of it…..  I want to say Woooooooo well done guys 2016 is nearly over! I hope you have had a good year and have had good times. 

I haven’t been to Cambridge but I have been slightly side tracked to Serri Leon and I want to wish everyone an amazing new year and I hoped you had a good Christmas and Boxing Day. I have been on Tokeh beach today (which I recommend hugely!) and I have been thinking what good points I have had this year, I know we have had to say goodbye to a lot of amazing actors and people but apart from that we have to think back and remember points we are proud of.

For me I remembered when I passed my first year and started my second at uni, when we lived in Ethiopia me and my mum walked through the Simiens mountains, I have exsplored Rome and Sierra Leone, I made my first apple pie! I also started going to a sewing club and made stockings for Christmas, I have done charity work and have done sponsored work, i also did a placement in reading where I lived in an Air Bnb and commuted to and fro. I also got my gold d of e!!

I started my ‘blog’ (even though it’s like one per month) after I did some of those things and I guess that I’m proud of myself starting this.

Even though it might of seemed like a crap year I bet you did stuff your proud of!

Right now is the things we make but never keep (or it might just be me!) new year resolutions, it’s not 2017 but I made some already:

I am going to loss wight

I’m not going eat junk

I’m going to start running 

(Now realistic ones!)

I’m going to Cambridge and go to 3 (min) places in the 1000 places to see before you die 

I’m going to pass my second year and go onto my third year in bath spa university 

I am (hopefully) going to Australia 

What are yours? Have you made any yet? What good points of 2016 did you have? Is anyone there?

I hope you have an amazing and joyful 2017 xx