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1000 places to see before you die

I have got this book called 1000 places to see before you die  second edition (by Patricia Schultz), and the plan is now I will have to see 1,000 before I die! I will try and blog about all these places.

To start me of I hope to see 1-5 places in the book before this time next year! At the start of the book their is a lovely quote “its better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times.” Asian proverb.

The book is split into continents, then split into countries. As I’m in England I will start there. I want to do the book in order so I’ll try my best!! As I turn to page 3 (which is the start of the Europe section) I find out where I am to visit and that is Cambridge! The book says that Cambridge holds a lot of history and recommends to visit King’s College chapel which is “the most beautiful {chapel} in England” its also “remains the country’s finest example of the late Gothic English style” the Gothic style is called Perpendicular. It also goes on to the River Can, which is the river and either sides are “emerald green lawns”. The book also talks about Fitzwilliam Museum which is one of the oldest art museums in Britain. It specialises and have collection’s around the 17th century Dutch art. 

Two Hotel’s are mentioned in the book Hotel du Vin and Hotel Felix. Hotel du Vin is in town and ” a stylish,modern lodging…in a medieval former university building” and in the town center. Hotel Felix is about a mile out of town it is a”Victorian manse… With sleek contemporary rooms”

Well I’m going book my trip now.


5K walk

Tonight I am going on a midnight walk on Weston beach. The walk is in aid for Weston Hospice care, it is a 5k walk. I know most people would be like 5k phhhh easy, however on Weston super mare i.e. Weston super mud beach. I am super excited! I’m doing it with my friend Jane can’t wait. Got to go talk more when I’m backxxx I loved it loved it loved it. Me and my friend jane checked in at 10:30 and promised ourselves next time we will be more creative with what we were wearing. There where people with fairy lights all over there body from a purple light up skirt to wings! It was amazing. The walk didn’t start till midnight so they had a band playing then after that Zumba on the beach!!!as a walm up. The weather was so nice and just perfect its like it new not to rain. There was so many people there it was a line of light up flashing bunny rabbit ears and butterfly wings…

The Horton Academy

Sorry i havent wrighten in a wile, Iv beenso bissy and have no time but ill try and blog every so reasently

So I have officially left Sierra Leone and arrived back in my little fat,already counting down the days till I go back.

Before I go on about weston their is one more thing I want to talk about. Located in a compound there is an academy called The Horton Academy. 

The Horton Academy is a place where troops from Nigeria and countys around Sierra Leone come and train. As well as this it has history behind it.

Africanus Horton also known as James Beale  was a Creole African,he served within the milertry and also did other positions.

Below is a place outside the entrance of the Horton Academy. 

Sierra Leone new band!

We went for drinks at la boutique at sunset, as we were watching the sun go down below the deep blue see we heard lovely tunes coming from two old geezer’s. 

These ‘ two old geezer’s’ are actually my dad and his mate. They are official a band now, they have a singer. They are a blues band ; they also now the tunes to smoke on the water e.t.c.

La boutique is a beautiful place to have drinks. You can sit back and enjoy watching the sea laps up the sand. It is a wooden bar situated on the Lumley beach stretch in Freetown.

After the sun went down me and some friends went to Lagoonda Complex. Lagoonda is a restaurant near the sea where you can sit on a balcony looking into the sea. Hear they have lobster which is delicious but this trip I had the most mouthwatering  sushi ever. I mean it EVER.


Sierra Leone has many museums, including  a National one , a National train one and a Peace one.

This Afternoon I went to The National one, it was nice. There were two rooms and a room upstairs the displays upstairs are moveable and they sometimes move them into a smaller room. This is because they teach local children the history and the culture of the country. The downstairs rooms are separated into the local dress and historical artefacts of the country. However the other room shows more history about the slave trade and British colonialists who where in Sierra Leone round the time it was happening. I was shown around by a nice man , who i didn’t catch the name of, he was very passionate about teaching local children about the Slave trade and how wrong it was.

I also learned about Bai Bureh, this was a Chief of two of the 12 tribes. Bai Bureh is form the north and he’s said to be  very stubborn, I have been told this is why they call the northerners stubborn. As well as this they say people born in March are hot headed because March is the hottest month in the Hot Season!

When the British where colonising they introduced a Hut Tax in Sierra Leone. Bai Bureh didn’t like this and refused to pay taxes to “Foreigners”. Bai Bureh then called war on the British people in Sierra Leone in 1898, The Hut Tax war. The museum has his war drum and other artefacts of his.

The museum is in the middle of town near the Cotton tree but it is also surrounded by important buildings , such as the Peace Museum and Courts.

I think it was defiantly a worthwhile trip and good as i got to know the country better.

untitled Bai Bureh


A few days ago we went to Tacugama. Tacugama (hard word to spell and say) is a Chimpanzees reserve, they started in the civil war and are still open today! 

I went with my brother and dad, when we arrived we found out that you have to call in advanced and make a booking.The times that they are open to the public are 10:30-16:00. However because it was such a nice day and they weren’t that busy they let us have a tour. Our tour guide was called Moses he was really funny and helpful. We learnt that there are 5 stages the Chimpanzees go through after they had been rescued. They had 70 chimps when we went, the chimps had all been saved\ rescued from Sierra leone

 We found out Tacugama has been open 20 years but that they had not released a chimp! I know, I was surprise too. 

The chimps cant be released due to three key reasons:

  • They were brought up as pets and around humans therefore they are not scared of humans.
  •  They are more aware of their strength, and how they are stronger than humans, which may result in them attacking a local village as they are a very territorial animal.
  • The third reason is that they may be hunted for bush meat.

So what can we do to resolve the problem? Well, Moses said that they are trying to get a law passed to ban the hunting of Bush meat. He also said that they should find an island  to put them on as they can’t swim, unfortunately there aren’t any islands available.

What I think they should do is release them into a protected game reserve or nature reserve, and link it to tourism like a chimpanzee safari. So the chimps are in the wild but protected at the same time, the tourist side is producing jobs for the locals and also educating them as they will learn about these animals. And finally the tourist will bring money into the country but it will also educate and help them feel that they are giving to the environment.

On a lighter note  we found that there are huts that you can stay in overnight. Which are self-catering and look really nice. Maybe next time we will spend the night there.

About me

​Hi People, First Question: What do you call people who read blogs? Bloggers, Blogee, Bogart’s? 
Anyway the Title is called About me so I’ll guess ill get down to it. My name is Hanna and I’m doing a FDA in Tourism Management in England however my home is in Sierra Leone. My Family have just moved hear but before Sierra Leone we lived in other African country’s like Ethiopia and Uganda. 

Sierra Leone is a fascinating Country and after having a Civil War (1990-2002) and Ebola following closely behind, it is interesting in how and what the country is doing. I am going to be starting my Second year in Tourism Management in September and hopefully i can do a peace of work around Sierra Leone and how it will attract tourism to the country. 

My plan is to be writing about places that iv visited and talk about what things they have to do there and stuff like that.

 The picture below is Burrah Beach, Sierra Leoan.